Meet our Team!

There's an art to moving back home to rural Pennsylvania and making a go of a seasonal, weather dependent small business. That art, for us, has been all about having the right people. Our core crew of three wear a lot of hats in the daily operations, bring new ideas to the table at our winter strategic planning sessions, and spend as much of their off-time rallying around the river and trails to learn more. Our summer staff is nothing short of amazing. They accomplish major goals both logistically and physically. These people make it happen. Without them AO could not do what AO does. 



Official Title: AO Livery Manager (Summer), AO Store Manager (Winter)

Sue has been a key player with AO since 2013. She runs the show at AO Livery during summer months, signing up and running logistics for thousands of folks headed out on a 107-mile stretch of river. She also heads up merchandising at both locations. You'll find her at the shop during winter. 

Growing up in Starbrick, Sue spent her childhood on the banks of the Allegheny River. After graduating high school she spent a couple years working in Los Angeles, California in the Costume & Wardrobe Department on movie sets, followed by five years adventuring in Oregon. She moved home in 2011, and we're so glad she did!




Official Title: Director of Community Outreach

Jen joined AO in December 2016. She was the first person we'd met with a very serious fear of water. She wanted to tackle it by learning to kayak - and did. We started teaming up on various workshops around the community that focused on getting kids outside. As the Director of Community Outreach, Jen tackles logistics of AO's involvement with various community organizations and events. She also handles some of the back-end logistics for AO Store. We're excited to add Jen to our team! 



Official Title: Owner, Creative Director

Piper moved home from Alaska in 2006 to begin the journey that has become Allegheny Outfitters. You'll find her by chance (or by appointment) at AO Store and AO Livery throughout the year. You'll also find her on various waterways and land trails throughout the year, scouting for trips and collecting new experiences to share. 

After eight years as an air traffic controller in the US Navy, Piper moved home to Warren with her three children (under four) in 2006 to make a go of AO. She is Leave No Trace Master Educator certified from the National Outdoor Leadership School and ACA Level II Kayak Instructor certified. She is co-author of the Allegheny River Paddling Guide, and published On the river and down the trail..., a collection of 100 photos adventuring in the Pennsylvania Wilds. She is also one of the founding members of the annual Allegheny River Clean-up.

Summer Staff

Our summer staff sacrifices their weekends to help thousands of people spend time making memories on the river and in the forest, every summer. The list below is certainly not inclusive (due to lack of photos), but these are some of our crew from over the years.