Under the Canopy


This is the Allegheny National Forest in northwest Pennsylvania. And under its canopy are the trails we've explored, full of so many tiny moments we've collected with family and friends over the years.

These experiences under the canopy led us to explore more wild and free places across the country. Places we never imagined we'd go, and some we didn't even know existed until we stumbled upon them. Many of our adventures have been quiet and peaceful, while some more challenging - clearly testing our mettle - and showing us what we're made of. But combined, these experiences have helped us understand that we're all a part of something much larger than ourselves.

Oh how grateful we are. All of these places, including the Allegheny National Forest where it all began for our family, and where we call home, are landscapes we hold very close to our hearts. And when the daily grind creeps up on us, we go back to these moments we've collected to remind us all over again. They are wild and free and always there... waiting for us to come explore. 

What moments have you collected under the canopy?

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