AT Thru-Hiker Air Freshener

AT Thru-Hiker Air Freshener


Stuck in traffic, day dreaming about that long thru-hike you’d like to someday tackle on the 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail? Roll those windows up tight, we’re here to help that dream become a bit more vivid!

Introducing the new Allegheny Outfitters “Adventure!” air freshener series!

Now available in both Mens and Womens, our “AT Thru-Hiker” freshener is not scientifically-proven to enhance your pre-hike planning, but we think it should be! This unique yet odd aroma combines the much-sought-after mixture of dirty laundry, sweat, temperate deciduous forest, bug spray, fresh scat, and wet tent - with a dash of unique body odor that you can’t quite pinpoint.

Act fast - we’re all dreaming of our days on the trail and river - there’s no way these will remain in stock for long!

Looking for the unique stench of another adventure? See below!

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Other Adventures!

Bummed because you were planning a different thru-hike? Stay tuned for our Pacific Crest Trail and North Country Trail editions! Just looking for that week-long summer hiker smell? We understand - and will have you covered with our upcoming “Summer Week-long Hiker” option!

And it doesn’t end there, folks. Our unique air freshener series comes in all kinds of special adventures you’ve been dreaming up! Planning to take your local Scout Troop out on the river for a week to tackle your 100-mile badge this summer? Start planning now! Load ‘em up in the van at your next meeting and roll up those windows cause we’ve got you covered there, too! Our special “Allegheny 100-miler” air freshener combines sunscreen, wet shoes, sweat, campfire, Pennsylvania dirt, river water, someones barbecue off in the distance, and - you guessed it - a dash of that extra odd smell from someone in the group!

Rating 5.0 of 5.0 (5 Reviews)

Can also be used as a tool to persuade your significant other to allow you to go on a few overnight backpacking trips every year. Can’t tell you how many times mine’s said, “At least it’s not a thru-hike!”
— Smell Yalater
Used this to find inspiration for my AT thru-hike and it worked like a charm. Can’t wait for the PCT edition!
— Pee Yew, AT Class of 2018
I work in a cubicle on the 33rd floor. One hour-long car ride daydreaming with this fresh out of the package and my colleagues smell me by the time I hit the 17th floor! Great investment!
— O Dor
I have friends that have thru-hiked the AT. I’d been slacking on my prep until I found this incredible smell. The stench of this thing is so spot on I’ve started sending myself drop boxes of ‘em at home and work. I open the box and just … INSPIRATION!
— Stinkalotamus, AT Hopeful, 2020
I’ve thru-hiked the AT seven times and let me tell you, these people got it right. Dirty laundry, sweat, temperate deciduous forest, bug spray, fresh scat, and wet tent - with a dash of unique body odor. Just as described. Well done.
— Long Distance Luke