Course Critique

We live in an area surrounded by a 500,000 acre National Forest with several navigable waterways running through it. We've found that very few high school students are aware of our natural assets and all they have to offer. You are the first in what we hope to be a long relationship with our partners to continue our Outdoor Industry Series courses. As our first course crew we are counting on your feedback to help make this course better. Please be honest in your answers - even if it's not what you think we want to hear - that's how we improve!

Did you feel we had enough time in the YMCA pool?
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Do you have a better understanding of water safety since taking this course? *
Do you have a better understanding of monitoring water levels of our river and creeks? *
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Classroom Session Survey
Think back to each classroom session. Did you leave having learned something from each class? "I learned something during..."
Our Watershed
DNA of a River
Outfitting + Equipment + Safety
Leave No Trace + Stewardship
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As instructors, we strive for you to get something out of every course, in the pool or classroom. Please tell us our strengths and ways we can improve below.
Do you feel you've learned the skills to safely plan a river expedition? If not, do you know what resources you have to help assist you in doing so? *
I've gone over ways I think the course can improve next time. Can you think of ways it can improve as well?