Wick Dry® Alturas Crew Liner

Wick Dry® Alturas Crew Liner


There's nothing worse than getting blisters during your favorite excursions. These ultra-lightweight liners use our exclusive Wick Dry® technology to keep feet dry and avoid the moisture build up that causes blisters.

  • NO CUSHION. FLAT KNIT. No cushioning, flat knit construction puts little between you and your shoe.
  • CONTENTS: 93% polypropylene, 6% nylon, 1% spandex


  • SMALL: Men's 3 - 5.5; Women's 4 - 6.5
  • MEDIUM: Men's 6 - 8.5; Women's 7 - 9.5

  • LARGE: Men's 9 - 11.5; Women's 10 - 12.5

  • X-LARGE: Men's 12 - 14.5

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Polypropylene: A synthetic water-repelling hydrophobic fiber won't accept moisture. This multifilament yarn is virtually abrasion resistant, durable and stain resistant.

Wick Dry® Technology: Our exclusive technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Removing the moisture build up reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters.

Guaranteed Against Defects: FoxSox are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Socks may be returned within one year with the dated receipt to the store where you purchased them or by following our FoxSox.com return process.

Why wear a liner?: Liners create a friction barrier to help resist blisters and keep feet dry by moving moisture into your outer sock.

Control Temperature: Liners help control your foot temperature and add comfort with soft, smooth fibers against your skin, protecting you from irritation.

Smooth, Flat Comfort Toe Seam: Smooth, flat toe seam doesn't rub or irritate during wear. Plus, our smooth, flat toe closure technique adds durability so it stretches every way you do without unraveling.