Old Town Sorrento 126

Old Town Sorrento 126


Sorrento is a hard-working Maine fishing community known for its breathtaking scenery and proximity to Acadia National Park. The Old Town Sorrento comes with a drop-down skeg to keep you tracking straight and moving forward, letting you focus on taking in the sights. Available in two sizes and equipped with the ASC2 seat, the Sorrento is a perfect fit.

All kayaks purchased at AO come with free weekend shuttles to Kinzua Dam (a $15 value each time it's used!). Reservations strongly recommended.

This product available for in-store pick-up only.

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MATERIAL: Single Layer Polyethylene
LENGTH: 12′ 6″ / 3.8 m
WIDTH: 28.5″ / 72.4 cm
COCKPIT: 20.5″ x 51.5″ / 52.1 x 130.8 cm
DECK HEIGHT: 14″ / 35.6 cm
WEIGHT: 54 lbs / 24.5 kg +/- ESTIMATE
MAX CAPACITY: 350 – 400 lbs / 158.7 – 181.4 kg ESTIMATE

The all-new Active Comfort System 2.0 seating is the perfect marriage of aesthetics, comfort and performance. The system will be introduced to several models across the Old Town line. Featuring easy and intuitive adjustments, under-leg support, premium padding and flow-through ventilation, the ACS 2.0 is the most advanced seating system on the market.




  • Broad supportive surfaces
  • Feels comfortable in any position
  • Can be adjusted vertically for Optimum support
  • One time outside the boat adjustment - "Good to go!"


  • Simply lift to desired position: Audible click from ratchet mechanisms
  • Thumb lever to release (lift and release)
  • Provides supportive and adjustable surface for legs and upper thighs