Aurora Nomad SUP Package

Aurora Nomad SUP Package

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The Nomad Performance SUPs are our lightest and most rigid boards. These SUPS features our Fused Core PVC tarpaulin drop stitch, Full EVA pad, Rigid Rail system, and Core Stringer construction. These boards are kayak seat compatible which makes them ideal for a variety of seating configurations. They are also equipped with Click Fin technology as well as the latest US fin box technology which allows paddlers to tailor the thruster fins and the main center fin to their paddling venue. The thruster fins come equipped with grub screws and a fin key to lock them in while surfing or paddling in the turbulent water. The Nomad Performance has a kick tail and balance bar to assist when performing step back turns. We have also implemented full EVA deck pads to provide a non-slip surface for your four-legged family members. The Nomad Performance SUP is available in 10′, 11′, and 12′ lengths.

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What comes with the SUP?
Bravo dual action hand pump. 3 piece SUPyak fiberglass shaft/polymer blade paddle. One 8” blue flex fin. Two 4.5” black flex side fins. Repair kit with fin key and fin bolt. Your paddle can convert into a hybrid kayak paddle with the purchase of an additional paddle blade.

Core construction: 15cm (6″) thick pre-laminated drop stitch with woven PVC Rigid Rail stiffeners and Core Stringer. Top and bottom PVC is 1.1mm thick
Rails:  Double layer 0.55mm inner and 0.9mm outer PVC rails. Woven PVC Rigid Rail stiffeners act as a third layer
EVA:  Full length board top EVA, Kick tail and balance bar for step bvack turns
Handles: 4 handles-front x2, back, and center
D-rings: 12 D-rings offer 3 kayak seat configurations Front and rear storage is possible with additional cargo net
Center fins: box US fin box for removable fin
Side/Thruster fins: 2 click fin boxes for removable fins
Kit paddle: 3 piece SUPyak fiberglass with polymer blade 3 piece, Aluminum will bend and crack, fiberglass will flex
Pump: Bravo two stage pump
Accessories: kayak seat, extra paddle blade, fins, mesh and wheeled bags
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty