Holiday Canoe & Kayak Rental Rewards Program

Here in northwestern Pennsylvania our rental canoes and kayaks are all tucked in for their long winter nap, and our focus has turned to gearing up for holidays that lie right around the corner. With the launching of our new online store, and reservations already starting for the 2018 paddling season, we've decided to include a little incentive for shopping online with "the little guy" this holiday season! 

Here's how it works:

From November 1st through December 21st, for every online purchase of $50, you'll receive a $5 off coupon that can be used at AO Livery towards a canoe or kayak rental, guided trip, or shuttle. The more you shop, the more you earn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a restriction on what trip I can use my coupon toward? Nope. Use it toward a relaxing day trip, or rally your Scout Troop to shop with us to earn rewards toward next summers 50-miler. Your coupon can be put towards any of our canoe or kayak rental trips.

When and how will I receive my coupon? All coupons will be emailed on December 22, 2017. They will include a breakdown of your purchases and your coupon.

When do coupons expire? We understand everyone plans to spend their summer on the water, but sometimes life gets in the way. All coupons will be good through the 2019 paddling season.

Can I give my coupon to someone else to use? Sure! (Makes a great stocking stuffer, too!)

Do I have to print my coupon to use it? You can if you'd like, or you can save the paper and present it on your phone at AO Livery at time of rental purchase.

What if I spend $70, do I get anything for that extra $20? Yep. We break it down to $1 for every $10 spent after the initial $50. For example, if you spend $40, you do not qualify. If you spend $70, your coupon will be for $7. Spend $130 and you'll receive a coupon worth $13.

Will shipping be included in the total spent toward my coupon? The cost of shipping is not included.

What if I make multiple purchases online before December 21st, will I receive multiple coupons? Nope. We'll tally up all your purchases and send one giant coupon.

Where do I shop? Great question! You can choose from our different departments by hovering over that "Shop" button up top if you're browsing on a computer, or hit the menu icon and click "Shop" if you're browsing on your phone. Or just click here!

But wait - I love your brick and mortar store and don't want to shop online! Can I get this deal in your shop as well? Unfortunately, this is only for online orders. Not to worry though, we have holiday sales and giveaways planned that are exclusively for those that shop in our brick and mortar store! Or, we suppose if you really can't stand missing the deal, you could always shop online while in our store and choose the "in-store pickup" option for shipping. Hmmm...