Gifts under $50


It's crunch time, and finding a thoughtful gift can be tough. From the practical and useful, to the fun and quirky, to the odd gift that ends up being something they're not quite sure how they lived without - we have it. We're headed into our favorite month of the year at our shop. These are just a few of the gifts that catch folks by surprise.



#1. MiniScout™ Binoculars

The MiniScout™ is a 7x18mm ultra-compact binocular that is so portable you can bring it with you anywhere. It boasts a center focus knob with an independent right diopter adjustment for maximum focusing flexibility. These ultra-compact binoculars are also lightweight at only 4.5 oz. They’re so small and compact they can fit in a pocket or purse, and the perfect companion for sporting events, concerts and getting a good glimpse of the Bald Eagle along the Allegheny.


#2. Guppie®

While some think it's cute, the Guppie really is a hard-working carabiner tool with dozens of everyday uses. Adjustable wrench, bit drivers, bottle and jar opener, L.E.D. light, and a high-carbon stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge that can be opened and closed with one hand using the blade slot. Awesome tool.


#3. Easy Tick Removal

Ticks are gross, there's no other way to say it. And there seems to be a lot of them these days. We've carried the Tick Key for years, and have removed dozens from our dogs using it over that time. Fits conveniently on your key chain and worth its weight in gold should you need it. Yes, it removes them from humans as well.

Tick Key

#4. Maps. Maps. And More Maps.

Maps are the most basic tool for inspiring a new adventure. Every time I get a new one, I'm sucked in for days, weeks, or even months. Complete with hiking, biking, ATV, snowmobile and equestrian trails; noting boat launches, campgrounds, trail shelters and a bunch of other points of interest; all on super durable weatherproof, tear-resistant paper. We have 500,000 acres of public land in our backyard, and winter is for planning.


#5. For That Kid (or Kid-at-Heart) That Is Literally "Climbing The Wall"

On to the fun and quirky. Winter can feel long. Whether it's for a little monkey in the family, or you're ready to add to the bouldering wall in the garage, a fresh set of climbing holds can help shake off the winter rust.


#6. An incredible adventure shoe.

Seven years ago I was on an early morning adventure, creeping around the banks of the Allegheny River, trying to get the perfect snap of early morning fog lifting. One fateful step later I was knee-deep in silt, and I'd spend the next hour trying to figure out how to remove my shoe that'd been sucked off my foot two feet below the waters surface. That's when I found the Boundary shoe. Waterproof, warm and comfy, with a serious grip. We use 'em outside around the house, fishing, kayaking, short hikes and walks, and they've been through seven river clean-ups. That alone is a serious testament to their durability.


#7. Lightweight, Cozy, Comfort.

You almost want to call it a wearable sleeping bag, but it's so lightweight it's more of a tech blanket. Either way you look at it, the Honcho Poncho by Therm-A-Rest is an incredibly comfy luxury item. Wear it around the campfire in the backyard, throw it on at a football game, stay warm in your deer stand, or unsnap it to snuggle on the couch - we've done all four. That odd gift that ends up being something they're not quite sure how they lived without that we mentioned earlier - this is it.