ORION 85 Cooler - Dorado

ORION 85 Cooler - Dorado


Orion 85 is our largest sized cooler, the Orion 85 can store all your quartered game, limits of large fish, a week's worth of food, or enough ice for the family reunion at the lake. Carry it on a raft, in your truck, or strapped to an army tank.

Capacity: 85 quarts      Dimensions: 17.5”H x 37”W x 20.75”D      Weight: 43 lbs

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  • SIX TIE-DOWNS: Tie down points on each corner and one on the middle of each side provide multiple options for secure transport. Whether on the bow of your boat, bed of your truck or back of your kayak, your Orion will stay put. And you can still open it an access the contents.

  • LOCK POINTS: Lock down your contents with a pad-lock, flexible cable or gun safety lock; all are certified by the IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) to meet requirements for food storage in National Forests in grizzly bear habitat.

  • LOW-PROFILE CAM LATCHES: We hate latches that catch on things. Orion’s cam-style latches close flush with the cooler surface, are easy to open and close, and snag-free when sliding the cooler in and out of your vehicle, or when standing on it and casting your fly line.

  • 2”+ INSULATION: Underneath that rugged exterior shell, Orion Coolers have at least 2” of insulation to keep what’s cold, cold.

  • TOUGH ROTO-MOLDED SHELL: Coolers, like kayaks, are challenging to mold. The same experts who mold world-famous Jackson Kayaks craft your Orion Coolers at our facility in Sparta, TN. The rugged, polyethylene shell is designed to frustrate bears, take the heavy abuse that life in the outdoors can dish out and deliver years of service.

  • DRAIN PLUG: Large, easy to open drain plug for fast drainage of any melted water, ease of cleaning, or equalizing pressure after air travel.

  • MOTORCYCLE GRIP HANDLES: Heavy-duty rope with motorcycle-style grip handles save knuckles during transport and don’t drag on the ground at rest.

  • BOTTLE OPENERS: Lost bottle opener? No worries. Bottle openers on each corner also serve as bumpers to protect your cooler from collisions.

  • YAKATTACK TRACK: One of the key innovations of Orion Coolers is the standard YakAttac™ accessory tracks mounted on each side. These allow you to easily and quickly mount a myriad of accessories to the Orion to enhance its performance and tailor it to your adventure. Rod holders, phone holders, cup holders, GPS, Fish Finders, etc all mount to the Orion Cooler, without interfering with opening and closing it.

  • PADDED TOP: An $80-$90 accessory elsewhere, Orion engineers our pad to elegantly conform to the design. This dual-layered EVA foam marine-style pad provides standing traction, seating comfort and distinctive design.

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