FireLighting Kit™

FireLighting Kit™


Swedish FireSteel 2

• Reliable performance at all altitudes and in cold weather - 2,980°C (5,400°F) degree spark.                               
• Durable; scout model lasts 3,000 strikes.                              
• Broad use - ignites all tinder and can be used for gas stoves and gas barbecues.                                   
• Works equally well when wet.         
• Striker handle includes an emergency whistle.                  
• Safe - not declared as dangerous goods. Will not self ignite. 

Grandpa´s FireFork

• Curved points hold food firmly.
• No need to cut fresh branches - attaches to practically any stick.
• Great as fire-poker.
• Safety cap for easy storage.
• Hole for cord in safety cap.
• Made from a single stainless steel wire. 


• Easy to light, even when wet.      
• All natural and environmentally-friendly fire starter.           
• Produces a hot flame - up to 80% resin content.

Swedish FireSteel 2.0®

  • Material: Swedish FireSteel®: magnesium alloy,  Striker: stainless steel 
  • Actual size: 77x24x14mm
  • Weight: 27g

Grandpa's FireFork™

  • Material: Wire: stainless spring steel,  Safety cap: Tritan
  • Actual size: 100x47x20mm
  • Weight: 18g


  • Material: Stumps from Pinus Montezumae 
  • Actual size: 150x22x22mm   
  • Weight: 50g-70g
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