2017 River of the Year Overnight Sojourn

When we moved home eleven years ago to begin the adventure of outfitting along the Allegheny River, our first priority was to learn everything we could about the river so we could pass that information along to our customers. Exploring its nooks and crannies became, and remains, a part of our daily routine. We are beyond excited to partner with Penn Soil RC&D to share what we've learned over the years, with the help of local experts on these subjects, on our two-day sojourn in celebration of the Allegheny River being awarded Pennsylvania's 2017 River of the Year!

Our overall goal is to highlight those unique spots we've found over the years - turtle habitats, wilderness islands, historical sites, etc - to give participants the "local scoop" on what makes the Allegheny River so special. But beyond this overall goal, we want to make this a memorable experience where participants are able to relax and take in the beauty of the river without having to do a bunch of work. With that in mind, we are offering special island camping accommodations and meal plans (with locally sourced food!) that take the "work" out of camping for one night. Below you'll find details on the excursion itself, and camping and meal plan packages. 

Trip Details

In choosing our route, we wanted to highlight a portion of the river that included a smorgasbord of educational opportunities. We think we've done just that. Our planned route will take paddlers on a 15.5-mile trip over two days, covering three of the federally designated Wilderness Islands, and the option to hike one of the few land trails accessible via the Allegheny River. 

We are constantly amazed at what we learn while on the river, and are excited to team up with several organizations to bring in local experts for our educational components. We'll be stopping periodically along the way to learn more about tributaries, wilderness islands, history, and wildlife that call the Allegheny River home, along with the ecosystem that allows it. 

Island Camping Accommodations

Allegheny Outfitters is offering a special camping package that includes setup and breakdown of camping equipment on the island. Simply put, your campsite will be ready for you upon your arrival on the island. You will not be required to pack or transport any camping gear (except sleeping bag and pillow). Accommodations include choice of hammock, Tentsile tree tent or traditional ground tent; sleeping pad and comfortable seat around the campfire. (All participants must bring sleeping bag and camp pillow. AO is offering a 15% discount at our outdoors store on camping gear and dry bags with confirmation of sojourn reservation.) Below you’ll find a description of each type of sleeping accommodation.

Hammock: Eagle Nest Outfitters Doublenest hammock with strap slaps and Rainfly (optional if you prefer to look at the stars).

Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent: Three-person tent suspended 4’ off the ground in the trees. (Please note, you may be paired up with other campers. Each sleeping spot in a Tentsile tent is roomy, and hammock-like, but more spacious.)

MSR Freelite Tent: Traditional, high quality ground tent. Perfect for two.

Cost for camping accommodations is $30 per person.

Meal Plan

Allegheny Outfitters backcountry chefs will be providing lunch and dinner on day one of our excursion, along with breakfast and lunch on day two. All meats and vegetables are locally sourced from Meldick Farms, Big Horn Meats, Happy Mug Coffee Company, Abers Acres and Edible Earth Farm. All utensils and dinnerware will be provided by AO for those choosing this option. In addition, we will provide snacks (granola bars, trail mix, etc) when needed. Please find our meal plan below.

Day One:

Lunch: Turkey wrap with cheddar cheese and romaine lettuce; fresh fruit and chips.

Dinner: Ground beef, potato, peppers and onions simmered over the campfire.

Dessert: Toasted fruit pie.

Day two:

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs and potatoes served skillet style with optional cheddar cheese on top; fresh fruit. Your choice of coffee, tea or honey lemon water.

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches with an optional tomato slice; and fresh fruit.

Cost for our meal plan is $30 per person (includes all four meals).

Ready to sign up?

Penn Soil RC&D is coordinating all sign-ups for the 2017 Overnight Sojourn. You'll find registration forms on their website by clicking here and scrolling to the "Allegheny River Wilderness Sojourn". Space is limited to 20 overnight participants, so please don't delay in signing up. Please read through the registration forms thoroughly. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.